If Cats Are Going To Wander, Give Them A Collar



I would like to preface this letter by agreeing that whoever viciously killed a family's cat should be punished. That said, I would also like to remind cat owners that they have a responsibility to their neighbors to keep their cats in their house or on a leash.

I have had many, many cats on my property doing their business under my decks and in my gardens. You same people who allow your cats to roam the neighborhood would give me major grief if I allowed my dogs to leave gifts in your yards. In the past six months, I have obtained cat traps from the Humane Society and caught nine cats, all of which were put down. I rescued three kittens from a litter that were born under one of the decks.

All of these cats that were put down were feral. However, if I catch your family cat, I will also take it to the Humane Society. Hopefully, you will have put a collar with a tag on the cat so they can get it back to you. If not, please be advised that there is a sign in the window of the Humane Society advising they have no room for any more cats.

Figure out what they might mean.

Cathy Joyce, Payson

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