Petition Demands Recall Of Pine Fire Board Member


The Gila County Board of Supervisors today, Tuesday, will vote on whether to call for a special election to possibly recall a Pine-Strawberry Fire District board member, Ross Gooder.

Gila County Elections Supervisor Dixie Mundy said Gooder faces a recall later next year, most likely on May 15.

The person collecting signatures stated in documents that he or she was recalling Gooder for not doing his job properly and not following rules or procedures.

Mundy said the person filing the paperwork on the recall is issuing his or her own opinion.

A minimum of 175 signatures from registered voters in the district was required to force a recall.

After the county verified the signatures, 176 were determined to be valid.

Mundy said the nomination packet filing date would have to be 60 days from the election date.

District I Board Supervisor Tommie Martin, who will be voting on this issue today, believes the filing date will be from Feb. 14 to March 16.

Martin said all the supervisors will be doing today is calling for a special election since the number of required signatures from registered voters were met.

Mundy said she has not yet decided how many signatures would be required for people wanting to run against Gooder.

Martin said, Gooder has two years left on his term, and she added that the mail-in ballot election would be held at the Isabelle Hunt Library in Pine.

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