Snowman Prank Reminds Man Of His Own Caper



The inflatable snowman story brought to mind a caper we pulled off at Northern Arizona University in the late ‘50s.

I was running for Freshman Representative in the fall of 1958. I figured it took something spectacular to win the post. So, I recruited a number of kids to steal the Senior Class Paddle from the ceiling of the Student Union in the middle of the night. The reaction then was much the same as the reaction to the incident in Payson. The buzz was everywhere.

The election speech assembly was excellent. I told the crowd that we had the best freshman class in the history of the Arizona State College (NAU), and that we could do anything to which we set our minds. To prove that claim, the Senior Class Paddle was carried down the aisle to the delighted screams of the entire freshman class.

I won that election.

Ted Thayer, Globe

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