Anonymous Santas Buy Bikes For 15 Children


A new bicycle was the only item on Austin's Christmas wish list.

The shiny new bike he found waiting for him when he came home from school Tuesday afternoon was a dream come true. And he hasn't stopped riding it since.


Austin rides his new bicycle given to him by "Santa's helpers."

"It's yellow and black and white," he said. "I ride it up and down hills. I ride it to my friends' houses. I like riding fast on it."

Thanks to a few Rim Country residents who only wish to be referred to as "Santa's helpers," 15 children got to feel the wind in their hair and the world under their tires as they pedaled around their neighborhoods on brand-new bicycles.

"Kids need to feel special and they need to have a bike to feel independent and learn to be responsible," said Mrs. Help R. Elf.

She, Mr. Elf and their other friends are Santa's helpers.

They had fun picking out bicycles for children ages 4 through 11.

"We do this in lieu of getting each other Christmas gifts," said one of Santa's helpers. "And boy, do we ever have fun."

Brock and Kristy rode their old bikes until the pedals wore out and the chains fell off.

Breana felt she was ready to turn in her tricycle for a two-wheeler.

"I still need training wheels though," she wrote in a letter her mom helped her write to Santa's Helpers.

"I miss bike riding, because it is fun," wrote Linda who said her bike got run over (she was not riding it.)

Breana's three brothers wanted bikes and she, like sisters everywhere, wanted a bike to tag along with them.

"Tell Santa's helpers thank you very much. I love my bike," Austin said.

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