Donation To Special Olympics



Athletes Jenna Palandri, left, and Tiffany Slayman will benefit from a $400 check given to Payson Special Olympics this week.

The money was raised in the fall when St. Paul's Episcopal Church and Mount Cross Lutheran Church held their first ecumenical Market Place sale.

The check was presented by Nancy Peiffer, Eloise Jones, Alice Natale and Carol McNulty.

Mount Cross has a quilting group that makes quilts for the Time Out Shelter and Whispering Hope Ranch.

In 2006, the group made 88 quilts. Thirteen quilts were given to Navajo elders at the church's mission.

A portion of funds earned at the sale went for quilting supplies to further quilt giving efforts in Payson.

In addition, funds were left over for the Payson Special Olympics.

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