Growth Management Should Not Be Equated To Communism



Councilor Tim Fruth, last night at the Payson town council meeting, you were very adamant about how you learned in "school," that managed growth doesn't work -- it failed in the Soviet Union, and it will fail in Payson.

I really take exception to being called a communist because I happen to believe that growth can be managed. One does not have to spend one's time "kow-towing" to developers to be a capitalist either. Growth unmanaged is sprawl.

I firmly believe in the axiom that if I work harder than the next guy, I should earn more than the next guy. That's capitalism in its purest sense. That does not mean that there cannot be tyranny of the rich minority or majority for that matter. I spent the best part of my life trying to make sure all Americans had an opportunity to be Americans.

Just because a developer can, does not mean he should. There are many intangibles in this world. Water is one, particularly in Arizona.

The people of Payson want to err on the side of caution. Payson will grow, but we need to make sure that it is not at the expense of those of us who have earned the small space in Payson upon which we placed our dreams.

When I was just entering the work force, I did not expect to own a house. When I was ready for my first house, I did not expect to own a house that cost more than I could afford. That does not mean I did not dream of those things from day one, only that I must strive to establish and meet those goals.

I don't believe your comment was well thought out. Things did not work out in the Soviet Union for many reasons, primarily because of their leadership. A leadership who also believed they had the only true answers. Because you believe in something very deeply, does not make it "the" correct course of action. From my observation, the mandate at the last election was to control the growth, not accuse those of us who voted that way of stifling developers.

John L. Wertin III, Payson

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