Liquor Sales Tax Could Pay For New County Facilities



Listen up, taxpayers.

From everything I have read, the county needs a new courthouse and jail.

I have a simple solution to raising money quickly without raising sales tax and property taxes again.

Why not tax all liquor being sold?

Would all you people that buy a lot of liquor like that, instead of discriminating against smokers?

Stand in any grocery store line and observe. That's all I ask, and notice what people are buying. I see a few groceries and a lot of liquor.

There's not a day that goes by without hearing or reading about some terrible accident on our roads. The culprit? Liquor.

Pick up a copy of the Payson Roundup and read "For the Record" and notice that there's a lot of domestic violence (liquor?), driving under the influence (liquor and drugs), but the majority are DUIs.

Where are the monies collected going for all the fines imposed in these cases? Does anyone know?

There you have it. The fines imposed will give you a good start on the building without hurting our pocketbooks.

This is still America, folks. Keep it simple and fair. Think about it.

Carmela Stassis-Klein, Payson

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