Glad We Moved To Payson



We are hoping that the wonder of the season finds you and yours in good health and spirit. And that you still believe in Santa and that he stops by your house because he is definitely stopping at ours. I mean the stop sign in front of the house with his name on it is certainly good reason for him to stop. Ho Ho Ho.

Well, we did it. We moved to our home in Payson -- the Land of Az -- a bit like the Land of Oz. Shall I share in how I make this association? I wander into a flower shop and the lady asks, "Have you been here before?"

I reply, "No," and she hands me a bouquet of flowers and welcomes me to Payson.

We go to get our driver's licenses, but we have to perform the vision test. She says, "Look around and do you see anything?"

"Like what?" we reply.

"Yep, you pass," she says.

Getting garbage service: I call a local company and upon the first ring, I get an answer from a gent who must be related to Larry the Cable Man. He proceeds to tell me the rates after having to prompt him with the question, "What are your rates?" and when I ask him what the setup fee is, he retorts, "Well, what the heck is that for?" Hey, my kind of guy.

But wait, it doesn't end there. He tells me that we will get the can in a few days. And so, a few days pass and no can. Oh joy, I get to call Mr. Rubbish again (by now I have endearingly named him) and ask him if we will be getting our can, "Yep. Sure thing. It is on our to-do list." Heck, how can you beat that for efficiency -- a to-do list. And yes, we did get the can and it says Las Vegas on it. You've got to give credit to a garbage company that believes in recycling -- even their garbage cans. They come to pick up on Tuesdays, and the guy always smiles, waves and has a kind word to say -- now that's public relations at its best!

I was touched the other day at the grocery store, the clerk reached into his pocket to pay for this lady's groceries as she said she thought she had money, but didn't really. There is such a sense of community and goodwill by so many here, it warms my heart. I could go on and on, but suffice it to say that we are truly happy, I mean happily-ever-after kind of happy. I feel that no matter where you wander on life's roads, it takes oneself to the heart of the matter. There is no place like home, and without wanting to sound too cliché, home really is where the heart is. We have found that here in the Land of Az. Yippee.

In the coming year, we wish you good health and good cheer, and that our troops come safely home. Do come visit and stay in touch.

Debra and Stan Aboytes and Tenuki (The Wonder Dog), Payson

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