Man Arrested After Threatening Nephew With Gun


Editor's note: In the print version of this story the man was incorrectly listed as John Hanna, a local real estate agent. We apologize for any damage this may have done to Hanna's reputation.

A Star Valley resident was arrested Tuesday on various domestic violence charges after he was seen holding a shotgun on a relative. John Hannar, 45, is being charged with domestic violence/disorderly conduct, domestic violence/ assault, criminal damage/ domestic violence, assault, threatening and intimidating, disorderly conduct with a weapon and aggravated assault/ domestic violence.

Payson Police Commander Don Engler said disorderly conduct with a weapon and aggravated assault/domestic violence are felonies.

The Payson Police Department was called to the 3000 block of Springdale Drive around 6:30 p.m. about a possible domestic disturbance.

When officers arrived, they learned that Hannar had been seen with at least one gun, and called out its Special Response Team to take over the situation.

Before the SRT could be deployed, Hannar walked outside his home and was taken into custody. Contrary to previous reports, Hannar was not walking the streets with his shotgun. Engler said the man never left his property.

Hannar said he wanted a nephew, Justin Curtis Clark, to leave his home, and when he refused, Hannar admitted that he showed the gun outside the door in hopes that his nephew would leave. The neighbors heard them fighting and called police.

He added that, as he was throwing Clark's clothes out of his home, his nephew started to enter the residence, and Hannar grabbed the gun. Hannar said the shotgun was not loaded. Clark was also arrested for DUI/drugs and possession of drug paraphernalia.

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