New Arrival Impressed By Payson's Generosity



Being a recent transplant to Payson, I would like you to know what a wonderful community this is. I came here from the Valley just this summer to take the position of Branch Manager at Arizona State Credit Union.

For this holiday season our credit union wanted to do something to give back to our community. We put an "Angel Tree" in our lobby, with the cooperation of CASA and DES, to give some needy children a happy Christmas. These children were not on any other tree or list.

The outpouring of generosity from our credit union members and this community was awesome.

Christmas gifts were provided to 71 children -- we had 71 Angels, a 100 percent return. There were many smiles, and a few tears of joy as these gifts were distributed.

I would just like to say thank you all for your contributions. Thank you for your generosity. And thank you for welcoming me to the community.

And a special thank you to Cecille Masters-Webb and Patty Sudtelgte for their efforts in coordinating this event with us. A job well-done.

Julia Thompson, Payson

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