Star Valley Won't Give Up Fight For Zip Code


The Town of Star Valley is not giving up its fight to have its own zip code in the near future.

The town has already asked the U.S. Postal Service for its own zip code, separate from Payson.

Town Manager Vito Tedeschi and Mayor Chuck Heron each received the same letter stating that there was no reason to give Star Valley its own zip code because mail was adequately being delivered to the town.

Tedeschi has asked the town council if it wanted him to continue pushing for the new zip code, and was asked to continue.

Heron said the town is working with the U.S. Postal Service, and is attempting to get the local postmaster in Payson to go along with the proposal.

"It's not Earth-shattering, but we need it over time," he said, adding the issue of having adequate mail delivery is not the only reason the town should have its own zip code.

He said the people living in the town would be the ones benefiting the most from this type of change.

Insurance figures in the town would likely go down as companies look at populations based on zip codes. Individuals in small town pay less for insurance than people living in larger cities.

Heron said, right now, every home in Star Valley -- a town of barely over 2,000 people -- is lumped into the 85541 Payson zip code, resulting in people paying more for car and home insurance.

"Long term, it is beneficial to the town," Heron said.

He said the letter he and Tedeschi received was a form letter that said adding a zip code would not change mail delivery, which he added is what the postal service usually looks at when considering adding a zip code. Heron said he realizes the post office does not want to change its routine.

"Their argument that we have enough zip codes in the Rim Country does not hold water," he said. "The post office is playing hardball."

He said the town might need to get its own post office, mentioning the one in Pine as an example.

"It depends on what the postal service in Washington, D.C. says," the mayor said. "We would probably have to have something available."

He said there are other things a zip code can bring to a newly formulated town.

"It is just one of the areas of identity," Heron said, adding that currently it is difficult to get home delivery service in the town.

He said, residents ordering something for delivery need to put their address as well as their HC box number to get mail.

The problem is the United Parcel Service and the post office use different methods when sending mail, Heron said.

"Who will send it, and who will mail it?" Heron said is what residents in rural communities need to ask themselves.

The Star Valley mayor said he is confident the town can have its own zip code in less than a year, but may need some help from its government representatives in Washington, D.C.

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