Thank You To The Angels Who Were With My Son



My husband and I want to thank the three unknown angels who stopped on a recent Sunday morning on Highway 87 South to help my son. My son, Stephen, was on his way to the Valley for Sunday service at a church where he interns.

The roads were wet and Stephen's car began to fishtail, and though he tried to regain control his car, it turned around and crashed against a large rock wall and guardrail. The guardrail broke through his passenger door and pushed that side of the car into the center console.

The car was totalled, but my son was able get out of the car himself.

A couple in a truck with their dog, a pug, saw my son's car crash and they stopped to block oncoming traffic. These angels had my son sit in their truck to keep warm as they and another driver, who had stopped and blocked traffic in the other lane, tried to call 911.

These angels remained with my son until the EMTs arrived and Stephen was flown to a Valley hospital. Stephen remained at the hospital for a few hours and after tests and X-rays was released with just some neck pain.

Stephen told us that he never heard his car hit the rail and wall, nor felt the airbags hit him when they deployed. Stephen said that when he saw his car heading into the rail he just relaxed.

God wrapped his arms around my son to protect him and then God sent the three angels to take over from there.

Michael and Theresa Garre, Payson

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