What Is The Tone Of Your Inner Dialogue?



Dear Readers,

This will be my final column for now, per editorial constraints. I'd like to express my appreciation to my readers and the feedback I have received.

I would like to mention that I received a few responses to my article published Dec. 15, and a couple of those people shared about the benefits of attending 12-step support groups (Alcoholics Anonymous for the recovery of alcoholism and Al-Anon for family and friends of people with alcohol problems). As many of you may be aware, my main focus in my articles has been about enhancing communication through use of a method of conflict resolution that speaks to and from the heart (Nonviolent Communication, www.cnvc.org). I feel passionate about this process, as it has helped me personally feel more secure about speaking my truth, and hearing what others say without reacting defensively, as well as professionally in taking a leadership role in our community. I have felt more free, relaxed and empowered within all of my relationships. It seems to me that relationships are all around us and those relationships are what life is mostly about. This includes the relationship we have with ourselves. How do we talk to ourselves when we think no one else is listening? Is our inner dialogue compassionate or judgmental? How well do we take care of ourselves? Do we strive for balance in our lives? Do we rest when we are tired, or push ourselves to do more, harder, faster? Are we grateful or filled with blame and shame and do we sabotage our own needs?

And how does this inner relationship affect our functioning in the world on a day-to-day basis? How about our physical health and our peace of mind and serenity? These are some questions and food for thought I wish to leave you with.

I hope you use these questions as seeds for growth. What do you wish to let go of, and what do you wish to harvest and bring more of into your life over the coming year?

I wish you all serenity, peace of mind and many blessings in 2007 and the future.

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