Where Has The Year Gone?



Where has the year gone? It is so hard to believe that this will be the last column for 2006. Tonto Village had a bit of the white stuff that fell this past Friday, Dec. 22, so it may not have been a really white Christmas, but it was close.

Tonto Village Fire District


The Domino Divas of Tonto Village got together recently for their annual Christmas party and Dirty Santa gift exchange. They are, from left to right, front row, Brenda Wilcox, Sue Prach, Connie Weldon, Annette Godfrey, Vicki Grootegoed, Retis Walker, Linda Stailey. Standing are Maurine Kirchhefer, Judy DeRockers, Nancy Yoakum, Eileen Kittock, Pamela Steven, Grace Daniels, Marilyn Lamb, Janet Snyder and Dara Sutton.

The volunteer firemen, Nick Fitch and Chad Stluka and Chief Alliger, were busy this past weekend with a call to a chimney fire on Haught Street Saturday evening about midnight. The quick response time of the firemen kept the fire contained to the chimney and they saved the house from being destroyed. Please have your chimney checked before burning wood for the winter. The creosote can build up very quickly and cause a chimney fire. The second call was concerning a women who was lost at Diamond Point. Kevin Martin, Chief Alliger, Chad Stluka, Trina Houdek and Roger Cassuto responded on Sunday. The call had a happy ending when the woman was found.

The Fire Department is collecting Christmas trees in the back lot of the fire station. If the gate is not open, just throw the tree over the fence. The trees will be shredded for mulch. No pine needles, please.


I will be another year older on Jan. 1. I don't mind telling you how many years. It will be my 67th birthday. I share my birthday with Mikey Marazza from Christopher Creek. Mikey writes the column for Christopher Creek. Happy Birthday, Mikey.

Bear flats

The Katherine Baxter house has a new full-time caretaker. His name is Jeff Lloyd. Welcome to Bear Flats, Jeff. The snow that fell on Friday, Dec. 22, left about a half inch on the ground, which amounts to .06 inches of moisture, according to Dara Sutton.

Pool results

On Sunday afternoon, the pool tables were busy at the Double D Saloon with the eight-ball tournament. Cliff Landrum shot the best to win the tournament, and Brian Mead from Payson and C.M. Scott from Collins Ranch placed for the second and third place slots.

There was no nine-ball tournament this past Tuesday. The games will resume next Tuesday, Jan. 2.

Owner Ethel Cain reported that the bar and restaurant will be open for New Year's Eve and New Year's Day during regular hours.

Tonto Village Chapel

Activities at the Chapel will also resume on Jan. 2 with the women's Bible study group. The topic up for discussion is angels. The time is at 10 a.m. See you there. The Domino Divas will also resume the game of Mexican Train and Chicken Foot on Jan. 3, Wednesday, at 1 p.m. The decision was made to have snack type eats only, since everyone probably ate too much over the holidays. It is not necessary that you bring something to eat. We are there to play dominoes, not eat.

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