Candidates Should Share Personal Positions



Polls, not personal convictions.

In response to Mr. Keddington's letter of Jan. 24, his response proves my point. My letter was to encourage these two candidates to present positions on their own outside of what these PAC's were presenting. But what we received was clarification from someone other than the candidates who stated:

1) Positions, if any, are generated by polls, not necessarily from personal convictions.

2) If you look, positions, as stated on a Web site, are from Mr. Edwards only, are inflammatory in nature, and don't have any real solutions.

3) Every piece of campaign literature that I have seen handed out by these two candidates has a PAC name as the sponsor, or nothing at all.

Also, Mr. Keddington needs to review Roundup articles.

1) On Nov. 22, 2005, as he was announcing running for mayor, Mr. Edwards stated in a Roundup news story that he was the chairman of CCBG.

2) On Dec. 9, 2005, someone else (Hal Baas) made the statement that Mr. Edwards had resigned. Mr. Baas also stated in that article that CCBG still supports Mr. Edwards. That is OK, but make the statement consistent.

Along with the items above, and the only response in a public forum, to my letter is always from someone else other than the candidates. I rest my case.

Don't forget to vote. Don't waste that precious right by voting for someone who hasn't earned your vote because he or she hasn't assured you personally what his or her personal position is on the challenges in Payson.

James Garner, Payson

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