Come Out Swinging



Richard Haddad asks that the candidates in the upcoming election accentuate the positive and not dwell on negatives. In essence, he is espousing the values of wearing rose-colored glasses as we trek toward Election Day.

Excuse me, but in the real Payson, we voters can benefit from hearing all sides of an issue, even the dark sides. Too many times in the past, I've seen leaders who smile a lot, use that useless "half-full glass of water" adage to get their way, and are last seen heading for the horizon when their pipe dreams go sour.

Healthy debate is one of the cornerstones of democracy. So I say to candidates, "Put on your gloves and come out swinging!" We encourage it and look forward to it. As for me, I would much rather vote for a candidate who is a realist than one who has the characteristics of a Pied Piper.

John Pauley, Payson

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