Mayoral Candidate Has Done The Homework



I've only written a Letter to the Editor once, years ago. It's a lot like homework. I don't like homework. But I was able to make my decision for mayor on Sunday. I wanted to share my decision.

I've not been in Payson long enough to know all that is important to this town. I only know I love it here and have invested my future here. Consequently I am interested in our local government and the elections coming up. I've heard the candidates for mayor. I've asked questions and feel I have made an informed, intelligent decision. My candidate is Jon Barber.

I went to one of those ‘Meet the Candidate' coffees on Sunday. I listened to Mr. Barber; I was very impressed. When asked specific questions regarding the water issue, the streets, the proposed arena/convention center, among several other critical issues, Mr. Barber answered with knowledge, facts, figures and solutions. He quoted codes, procedures, all manner of details as to the critical matters facing Payson right now and in our future.

Mr. Barber does know what is important for Payson. He is decisive, sincere and, I feel, has the integrity I want in our mayor.

He has done his homework.

Nancy Ward, Payson

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