One-Issue Candidate Not Right For Payson



I've read the Bob Edwards' White Paper on Water and Growth. I am shocked at the misinformation and twisting of facts to suit his political purposes. Let me point out a few of these items:

  • Payson home building increased in 2005 to an abnormally high level. For over five years, the growth rate is below 2.5 percent, which is within Payson's General Plan, and far below other communities in Arizona. Explosive growth hardly defines the very slow growth of Payson.
  • New home developments cannot be built unless they have new dedicated water access. Assertions that new home building will dip into existing Payson water supplies are blatantly false.
  • Payson's well did experience water level declines during the drought years of 2002, 2003 and 2004. However, levels have increased significantly in 2005. In fact, most water levels are in excess of 2001 levels.
  • The Edwards contention that there is no clear picture of water availability is wrong. In fact, there is a report of water availability and it is available to the public. Interested parties may call the Town of Payson Water Department or drop by and pick up any number of current and comprehensive reports and studies.
  • Edwards wants to develop a realistic plan for future water acquisition. He needs only to look at the existing Mogollon Rim Management Resources Study and the Blue Ridge project to see that it already exists.
  • Edwards wants to look at concepts for water conservation. He needs only read Payson Ordinance 50 to see that the Town already has this in place.

I continue to see nothing but scare tactics from this candidate. There is no substance and no discussion of the myriad of issues that face our community. How can he be serious about running for mayor and yet know nothing about town policies and regulations.

We all know that he so opposes any development near his neighborhood that he will pull out all stops, including seriously damaging our economy, our schools and our town image, to serve his own personal agenda.

Mr. Edwards is a one-issue candidate and his tactics are seriously flawed and based on deceit. The citizens of Payson deserve much more substance than this very shallow, carpetbagging professional politician brings to the table.

Alison Gregory, Payson

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