Payson Needs Change



Payson is in sore need of profound change.

Our present town council has a habit of making poor business decisions, throwing away large amounts of money. The water deal with Horton is an example. Horton needs that water for his developments. He cannot build without it, and the well is four miles away. He has no choice but to build that pipeline. So why would the town council give him $750,000 of our money for that? Why can't he build the pipe at his expense and sell excess water to Payson when it becomes available?

Then, when presented with a petition to put that resolution on the ballot, the council intentionally found a lawyer to advocate their position and litigate against the referendum -- at our expense.

On the Event Center, (Robert) Henley moved to grant staff the authority to facilitate a deal that does not pencil out and is not in the town's best interests. (Judy) Buettner talks about using sales and bed taxes to retire the $4.5-million debt. That would take about $300-million in gross sales to generate the required tax revenue. It's nonsense and obvious certain members of our town council lack business sense. Besides, why should we sacrifice future tax revenues needed for growth such as Main Street, street repairs, police and fire resources? The Event Center deal allows the developers free use of the land. The quid-pro-quo should be that the developer covers the arena at their sole expense while Payson retains control.

(Barbara) Brewer has obvious disdain for public input. At the last council meeting, she allowed council members to speak first and then only a limited number of public. It should have been the other way around, to give the council the benefit of public comment. All of the public comment was negative and the mayor chose to ignore some who wanted to speak.

(George) Barriger gave a humorous speech, but with a serious overtone that was replete with sarcasm toward the council candidates and condescension toward the public that revealed an unacceptable "us vs. them" attitude.

We must have change. Bob Edwards will be the most experienced, sophisticated and responsive mayor Payson has ever had. If we want to be progressive, confident the right things will be done, and have input to our town council that will be heard with sincerity, we must elect Bob Edwards and Ed Blair.

Al Poskanzer, Payson

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