Paysonites Beware



Well, Payson, here we go again. Election day is nearing and promises are flying. If we, the local voters, are smart enough to vote for the right man, or woman, the rest of our lives will be spent in a blissful utopia, or so we're promised.

We are being fed subliminal messages from "Some" of the candidates that will free us from all cares, troubles and grief. How fortunate we are to have these learned individuals who have moved here from other states recently with all the knowledge that we, the average Paysonite, have never even heard. How can we be assured that there isn't a hidden agenda by these newcomers? After only being here a year and a half, how can one know all about Arizona law and how hard the 100-plus citizens worked to put together Payson's Land Use Plan?

Wow, am I relieved to know I don't have to worry; I don't have to think; I don't even have to be concerned.

Heads up, friends, and longtime citizens of Payson, remember, you have run businesses, worked, raised families, you have carved Payson out of the wilderness and made this town survive and thrive.

Think for yourselves. Study the candidates. Don't let someone tell you what's good for you, especially about "We, the Community."

Stand up for what's right for Payson by re-electing Barbara Brewer.

Ann G. Lloyd, Payson

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