Story Jumbled



An article written by me and published in the Roundup on page 6C, Jan. 24, contained an error of my own making.

Sister Nancy, a Catholic nun, once assigned to St. Philip's Church in Payson, did not climb "Black Mountain" at the time reported in my article, but did climb 7,449 ft. North Peak in the Mazatzals on April 23, 1992, a day before I, and three other Payson Packers, did on April 24, 1992.

Sister also climbed to the summit of Four Peaks with me in Oct. 1991, Table Top Cliff, Nov. 1991; and Bishop's Knoll in early April 1992. She finally hiked Black Mountain Jan. 1992. She also "tunneled" with me through Pivot Rock Cave in Nov. 1991.

Dave Engleman, Payson Packers

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