Water Issue A Political Football



On Jan. 20, the Roundup featured Bob Edwards.

Let's recap what Edwards told us.

1. The town needs to get a handle on the water situation.

2. "We need to begin to understand the water problem."

3. "First, we need to put together a task force."

4. "We need to get aggressive getting the water."

5. "We need to do everything we can with conservation."

6. "We need to build a better relationship with the Forest Service."

7. "We need to figure out if Blue Ridge is for real or not."

8. "The town needs to abandon its plans to build new subdivisions."

9. "The town is under no obligation to accept water from Star Valley."

10. "I have no clue."

The question is, why should we get caught up falling into the trap of electing anyone that has been in town too short a time to know where we are and how we got where we are and what we're doing and where we're going? Let's not be clueless or support Mr. Edwards and his clan.

Vern Stiffler became our mayor in 1995. He accomplished what he set out to do -- Stop Everything.

My fear is that Mr. Edwards wants to do the same. Stiffler's vehicle to stop growth was water. Fourth of July weekend 1997, The Roundup reported on Friday evening that Payson's main source of water, the well at Rumsey Park's pump broke down. We were in a drought and a heat wave with the town bursting at the seams with holiday visitors. Monday afternoon, the well was pumping again; supply tanks had dropped from the norm of 93-94 percent to 47 percent of capacity.

We, the people of Payson, were led to believe we had a water shortage. Not true. That was only a very temporary pump problem. That was the birth of the Water Horse. The no-growthers and the clueless have been riding that horse ever since. At the time, our water department was pumping from only 12 wells. Now, in 2006, the Payson Water Department has 37 wells on line.

We do not have a water crisis, what we have is a political football called water. Let's not be clueless by supporting Mr. Edwards and his associates. We have qualified people running for town leadership who have been here long enough to know what is going on.

Ron McLearen, Payson

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