Where's The Water?



Re: $24M covered Event Center and Growth Not Explosive.

I'm confused. Fred Carpenter states that the 1,000-seat amphitheater is missing from the project because "there's not room for it." However, (the article states) two elements are new to the project, one being, the town would sell the 9.6-acre hillside ... at fair market price for residential development.

Mr. Henley states that ("we have a solid plan in place to manage our growth.") And that plan includes water. "Stone Creek ... Payson Pines ... Highlands ... brought new sources of water, (although) those sources happened to be within the town limits."

Tell me, where is the new water coming from with respect to the 9.6-acre hillside?

While using the 2000 census as a base sounds appealing, let's talk about "explosive growth" from 2003. From my perspective, this is what I have seen:

1) Forest Ridge Estates, west of Frontier Elementary School

2) Two homes west of St. Philip's Catholic Church, initially zoned for one

3) Proposed 20-30-plus homes east of Frontier Elementary

4) Two-plus homes going up in the Ridgeway Estates, perhaps more to follow

5) Proposed homes west of Home Depot

6) Proposed site of residential condos east of Famous Sam's on Bonita

7) Proposed residential development north of the casino

8) Hospice care facility north of Frontier Elementary

9) Multi-housing facility south of Main Street

10) Proposed additional residential facilities south of Main Street in a flood zone area

11) Proposed 9.6-acre hillside condominiums at Payson Event Center

Per Henley, "Part of that ... is getting Blue Ridge water into Payson ... Is it on schedule? Probably not. ... seven to 14 years."

With all due respect, Mr. Henley, you indicated that you were proud of your individual accomplishments during your four-year term on the council. I have one question, based on the above. Where is the water?

John G. Wakelin, Payson

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