Council Attendees Backbone Of Democracy



In his letter Jan. 27, Pat Willis implied that the people who attend town council meetings are those who "have nothing better to do" and "... never do anything positive for the community."

Actually, citizens like Bob Edwards and hundreds of other residents who take time out of busy schedules to become informed and active in the affairs of our city government are the backbone of our democratic process. Perhaps, Mr. Willis, if you attended some council meetings, you would be better informed, both about what's happening in our local government, and about the real issues facing our town. Bob Edwards has, indeed, been an active member of this community, volunteering his time with SCORE (business people helping businesses), with Tonto Rim Search and Rescue, and as a member of the Payson Packers. He has become acquainted with many Payson residents and their concerns.

Some businessmen may fear personal and professional financial loss that a slowdown in housing development could bring; but to perpetuate the illusion that we have no water problem is simply ludicrous. It has been documented by experts in the field of hydrology.

Continued growth in Payson is dependent on adequate water supply. Bob Edwards has the priorities in order: resolving the water issue first and coordinating growth and development with the available water supply. This type of insightful planning is what will maintain and improve the quality of life we want in Payson ... not simply growth alone, at any cost.

Councilman Dick Reese heard the concerns of citizens attending council meetings, and took it upon himself to go to Phoenix to consult experts about the water situation in Payson. If you have any doubt that we have a real water problem here, talk to him. As a councilman, he has been intimately involved in the workings of our present council and the issues facing our town. He has publicly endorsed Bob Edwards for mayor.

Those of us who Mr. Willis feels ... "have never done anything positive for our community" have a chance to do just that ... vote for Bob Edwards for mayor of Payson.

Penny Dorgan, Payson

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