Councilor Valuable To Community



Just after the new year, there was an item in the Roundup by Ann Henley regarding the help and comfort that she received following two serious surgical procedures. As friends of Ann and her husband Robert, we are thankful to be able to report that Ann is on her way to a full recovery.

She is disappointed that she has not been able to fulfill her intended role as Robert's campaign manager in this election campaign, and that Robert's position as her primary caregiver at home has taken away from his ability to get out and meet people of Payson as much as both she and Robert had intended. Robert understands that door-to-door visits are especially helpful to the voters as a way for them to better understand the issues and the positions of the candidates. The visits also, of course, provide him with insights as to how the citizens of Payson view the issues and their importance.

Robert is hoping that as Ann's recovery continues, he will be able to devote more time to his campaign, particularly to visiting door-to-door and hearing from the voters.

We have known Robert for many years as a person of integrity; he has in-depth knowledge of the many issues that beset the town, not just from his participation as a council member, but also from his involvement prior to that time. He is a valuable member of the council and will continue to be a conscientious member of the new council.

We urge you to vote for Robert if you want a clear thinking, experienced representative on the council who does listen, does give answers to your questions, considers the many sides of an issue before making a decision, and is willing to explain his rationale.

Alan and Marie Miller, Payson

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