Event Center Plans Wrong



This town never quits amazing me. It's morally wrong to take the water from Star Valley, but it is all right to let a 150-room hotel go in, which, in turn, will hurt the motel businesses in town, and the Tonto Apache Tribe, which is building its own with a conference center.

There has to be a magic formula that makes ground grow, and the town has discovered it. How they think all the proposed things will fit in that limited space is beyond me. Has anyone driven by the Event Center during a rodeo?

Someone is going to have to change their thinking, or either the rodeos or the motels are going to have to go.

The 10 acres is also going to pose a problem, as you cannot put homes and dirt events together. That is why the rodeo had to move from where it was in town. People started building around it and it was the case of ‘not in my back yard,' so it was moved. Where does the town think they will move it this time?

If the hotel goes in and the parking lot is paved, where are these contestants with their expensive horses and motor homes going to park? Asphalt is not a preferred surface for animals; besides, who is going to clean up afterward.

There was something said on the radio that local people who donated their time and equipment would have to pay to use the arena. That is another moral issue. This is becoming a town with double standards.

If the council wants it, it will happen, regardless of what the people want. The developers and the real estate people are the ones running this town. How much parking will the city require for the hotel and restaurant?

If there is not enough parking, who will be the losers? You can bet it won't be the hotel patrons. This is supposed to be a cowboy town, not another Sedona.

Instead of messing up the event center, they need to take a long, hard look at all the empty store buildings, and try to do something about getting some businesses in here. This has never been a tourist town, and probably never will be. There is nothing here to attract tourists, so they go right on through to the White Mountains or other vacation spots. The by-pass that so many people seem to want will only make it worse. With it, they don't even have to stop unless it's for fast food. Take a look at Williams and Winslow.

Marylou Haught, Payson

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