Nontown Residents Pay Plenty Of Taxes In Town



Re: Taxes

I live at Oxbow Estates, and there was a person that talked about the Event Center at the council meeting, saying that the people who do not live in town should have to pay to use the event center (the arena), because we do not pay taxes in town.

Well, the only taxes that I don't pay for the town is property tax. I pay taxes for the schools, the fire department and the library. Then, when I buy food, gas and everything else, I pay town tax for that. So, I feel that we pay our share, even when we can't vote or have a say about what goes on in town. I think there are more people living in the outlying areas around Payson that cannot have any say in the way the town is run, yet we have to put up with everything that goes on in the town.

Forget this, most of the people that helped move the arena were from outside of Payson.

Steve Haught, Oxbow Estates

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