Release In Drunk Driving Fatalities Disturbing



I have lived in Payson for 14 years. I married a childhood sweetheart, have a beautiful daughter and just love Payson. And I was disturbed to read about the article two weeks back, on the front page, how the man that was responsible for killing three members of a family was released from jail on a reduced jail bond and is a free man.

Then on the back page was the article about Reed Hatch. He is still in jail for a hit and run. Reed, whom I know from mutual friends, is a good man, has a great heart and great manner and has a wife and child who he can't take care of.

Now I know that I may sound inhumane, and I know that Reed hit a cop, but he didn't murder anyone. So how is it that our judicial system is letting a murderer walk free? Would he still be in jail if he had ran over you or me or someone's mom?

Tami Scully, Payson

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