Sponsored Deception



I would like to relate an incident that occurred Thursday, Feb. 2 at my home in Star Valley.

At approximately 7 p.m., my doorbell rang, and when I opened the door, a young lady who said, "I am from the Town of Diamond Star, and I need you to support the town's tax code," and handed me a clipboard. I paused and returned the clipboard to her and closed the door.

Immediately, I thought if she was a Diamond Star employee, why wasn't some identification presented. I reopened the door and asked the departing person to wait for a moment, as I had a concern/question for her. My first question was, "You said you are from the Town of Diamond Star, so please show me your badge or ID," to which she replied, "I am from Phoenix and have been hired by a contractor to take this petition around Star Valley."

I then said, "Miss, you not only lied, but you may have broken the law by misrepresenting the petition and your affiliation to it." She said she was sorry, but she was being paid to fill the petition sheet and would proceed in the neighborhood.

My purpose in writing is not to deny a person's right to petition, but to highlight the deceptive practice currently being used by opponents to the Town of Diamond Star. The recruitment of uninvolved citizens, hidden sponsors, and misrepresentation of intent is unethical and warrants community awareness. Since my experience, I have been informed that this practice was repeated at a neighbor's home.

In closing, I wish to state that, in my opinion, any petition filed for the tax code in question in Diamond Star must be examined more thoroughly, due to devious actions by those involved in its circulation.

Conrad Thorne, Star Valley

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