Election Will Determine Town's Course


The 2006 Payson Town Council election promises to be one of the most important in the town's history.

At a time when issues of water and growth have come to the fore, the leaders we elect will play a major role in determining the course our town will follow -- in the immediate future and perhaps for many years to come.

We believe the candidates' stands on these issues need to be clear and concise so voters can make reasoned, intelligent choices. We have encouraged them to do so in this election guide.

To make it easy to compare positions, we asked each candidate to provide approximately 125 words on five key issues:

  • Growth
  • Water (including the Diamond Star pipeline issue)
  • Streets
  • Economy
  • Public services other than water and streets, such as police, fire and parks

The final category we call "Open." It is an opportunity for each candidate to address any other issue or subject.

We urge you to study the issues and the candidates' positions carefully, and, most important, to vote.

Ballots will be mailed Feb. 9.

See the candidates debate

The town will present a taped broadcast of the forum on Channel 4 at noon and at 6 p.m. Wednesday, Feb. 8, and again at 2 p.m. Friday, Feb. 10.

Contact the candidates

Listed below is contact information for the mayoral and town council candidates:

Jon Barber


Barbara Brewer


Bob Edwards


Ed Blair


Su Connell


Rick Croy


Robert Henley


Diane Sexton

(928) 474-9110

Charlie Smith


Barbara Underwood


Mike Vogel


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