$4.7 Million Devoted To Town Street Work



During the current fiscal year, which ends June 30, the Town of Payson has an ambitious street improvement program. The following projects were included in the budget at the beginning of the fiscal year that started July 1, 2005:

Airport Road -- $1,800,000


The town of Payson has an ambitious street improvement program for the fiscal year ending June 30. In addition to the recently completed work on Airport Road, improvements are planned for McLane Road, Westerly Road and Green Valley Parkway.

McLane Road -- $1,100,000

SR 87/Airport Road Traffic Signal -- $205,000

Slurry Seal & Other Maintenance Projects -- $450,000

Green Valley Parkway Extension -- $40,000

SR 87 and 260 Sidewalk Repairs -- $25,000

Westerly Road Improvement District -- $877,000

SR 87/Forest Road Improvements -- $8,000

Contingency -- $202,587

Total -- $4,707,587

The work planned for each of the projects includes:

  • Airport Road -- Reroute Airport Road from approximately the east to west ends of the Payson Municipal Airport. The project is being constructed under a grant from the Federal Aviation Administration, which covers 95 percent of the cost. The Arizona Department of Transportation is providing 2.5 percent, which leaves only 2.5 percent as the town's share. The project was opened to traffic in early February.
  • McLane Road -- Reconstruction of McLane Road from Forest Road to Airport Road. The town's share of the cost is $600,000, with the State of Arizona providing matching funds totaling $500,000.
  • SR 87/Airport Road Traffic Signal -- A new traffic signal at the intersection. The project will be postponed to fiscal year 2006/2007 at the request of the Department of Transportation, which is providing approximately half the cost.
  • Slurry Seal and Other Maintenance Projects -- Various town streets. These projects have mainly been completed, with major funding as part of the town's 8-year street sealing cycle. Also completed was a rebuild of Bradley Drive from Easy Street to Rancho Road.
  • Green Valley Parkway Extension -- Summit Street to north end of roadway at Llama Ranch entrance. This project was required by a legal settlement.
  • SR 87/Forest Road Intersection Improvements -- Right turn lanes on Highway 87 at southeast corner of intersection. The Department of Transportation provided pass-through funds for these improvements in connection with construction of the convenience market at the intersection.
  • SR 87 and SR 260 sidewalk repairs - Various locations. As part of the transfer of right of way from the Department of Transportation to the town, the department agreed to provide funding to repair all existing sidewalks along the two state highways.
  • Westerly Road Improvement District -- Connects Aero Drive and Main Street across the American Gulch. The town is a member of the district and will spend approximately $250,000 as its share of the $877,000 project. The new roadway includes a bridge over the gulch, which will have the benefit of providing an additional connecting link north to south during times of heavy runoff.

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