Edwards Needs To Pay His Dues



Late last week my husband and I each received a letter in the mail from "We The People of Payson." I was curious at first as it was addressed to me, using my first, middle and last name. I never give my middle name to anyone except an employer or the government for security and identity theft reasons.

I opened the envelope to find a full-page letter "From the Desk of Bob Edwards," addressed "To the Payson town staff."

First, I am upset because he has obviously gone through the trouble to obtain my personal information and address. But, as I read the letter, I become angry. The letter was full of insinuations that we, as town employees are "unempowered, need the freedom to grow, to be heard and excel" and that we are not proud of what we accomplish, that we don't know what is expected of us or what "success looks like" and how we will be "measured."

Mr. Edwards, I don't know what brought you and your seemingly inflated ego to Payson, but I have seen your type come and go since the Town of Payson was incorporated in 1973.

You move here and then profess to have all the answers when you don't even have a clue what the real problems or issues are or if any really exist.

Those of us who are vested in Payson and the surrounding area are frankly tired of seeing people move in here, do their damage politically and then move away. Before aspiring to be a mayor, you need to "pay your dues." Serve on committees and then run for council, so you understand we don't need a savior. We simply need good common sense people with open minds. If you can't do that, then my suggestion would be to take your personal agenda elsewhere.

Charlene Hunt, 13-year town of Payson employee

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