Poet-Turned-Scientist Comes To Payson



When Jean met Bill in the 1950s he was a poet.

Now he is a physicist.


Dr. William A. Tiller will be the speaker this Sunday, Feb. 12 at the Payson Center for Spiritual Awareness, at 107 W. Wade Lane, Payson. The service begins at 11 a.m.

"I decided one day that if I became a writer I could never be a scientist, because if you don't learn the scales you can't conduct a symphony," said William Tiller, who now has many writing credits. "So I decided if I became a scientist, I might one day become a writer."

He doesn't write much poetry anymore, but admitted that sometimes a poetic turn of phrase comes out in his books.

"I gave (poetry) up in my twenties. It actually had too much power over people, girls especially. It implied things that I didn't really want."

Poetry helped Jean fall in love with him.

"She was a little pissed off that I became a scientist," he said, laughing. "But she's been a terrific partner."

Jean has been married to her physicist for 53 years.

Tiller is professor emeritus of the Materials Science and Engineering Department at Stanford University in California, where he taught for 24 years.

During his tenure at Stanford, he won a Guggenheim Fellowship, granting him time in Europe on sabbatical.

At that time, he was aware of the psycho energetic phenomenon. On the plane ride to Europe, he read the book "Psychic Discoveries Beyond the Iron Curtain."

"The thought formed in my mind, how might nature be constructed to allow this crazy-seeming kind of stuff to just naturally co-exist with conventional science," Tiller said.

So he meditated on this question every day. Eventually he came up with a picture of how the universe might be constructed so conventional and psycho energetic theories might seamlessly be joined together.


The model of a Bio-Body Suit on www.tiller.org is one of the models Dr. William A. Tiller created to explain the energy dynamics of human consciousness in space-time and beyond.

"Today, there are some establishment scientists who are peeking their noses out from under space time," Tiller said, but most of his colleagues have not joined him in his quest.

"When you ask yourself what is special about humans, it is their consciousness," he said.

"What establishment scientists have done for the last 400 years is to look at the reaction equation of mass with arrows back and forth to energy.

"Atoms absorb and emit energies, not in a continuous scale energy but in little bits or chunks. That's called the quantum. It is a grainy area and it makes a huge difference in the way materials act (the mechanics)."

What quantum mechanics does not take into account is human consciousness, so his goal is to expand the definition.

Consciousness is a by-product of spirit entering dense matter, according to Tiller.

"There are arrows back and forth from mass to energy, then arrows back and forth from energy to consciousness, with information in between because what consciousness does is manipulate information," he said.

One of his theories proposes the "vacuum level of reality" inside the fundamental particles that make up atoms and molecules is not empty but is "seething with stuff." Probably because the stuff in this higher dimension is moving faster than the speed of light, conventional instruments cannot detect it.

Yet in experiments that Tiller said he has repeated in 10 different labs using "intention imprinted electrical devices" on fruit fly larvae, he has proved that the power of human intention does affect matter.

The unconscious level of the human brain processes 400 billion bits per second, while the conscious level processes 2,000.

"The unconscious takes in the five physical senses information," he said. "It manipulates it. It edits it. It makes propositions and functions. It creates mathematical equations. It sends little kernels to the conscious brain so the conscious can have an experience of it, but only along the channels that the conscious brain has decided is meaningful to it. If it's not meaningful, it just gets dumped. So if one doesn't pay attention, doesn't accept certain ideas and concepts, then their ability of learning anything about them goes to nil. The important message is to give things meaning and your unconscious will enhance your awareness naturally."

The practice of meditation quiets the external noise and allows a person to go within and access the level from which they create.

He has been practicing this inner searching technique for 45 years in his effort to understand the universe.

Scientist and writer Arthur C. Clark inspired the title of Tiller's latest book, "Science Adventures With Real Magic." Clark once said, "Any technology sufficiently advanced beyond your own must be considered as magic."

"I have paraphrased that to say: Any experimental or personal observation that cannot be explained by the prevailing paradigm must be considered as magic until the paradigm is expanded to see the lawfulness of the experimental data," Tiller said. "The issue is (my experiments) will seem like magic to the majority of the people because they don't understand it -- it requires a shift of their cognitive view of the reference frame of nature's many, many expressions."

Tiller speaks to audiences around the world.

This Sunday, Feb. 12, he will speak at the Payson Center for Spiritual Awareness, at 107 W. Wade Lane, Payson. The service begins at 11 a.m.

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