Thank You, Mayor Brewer



I would like to make a comment about our current mayor, Barbara Brewer.

In our neighborhood, we have had problems with speeding cars and parking issues such as blocking driveways -- some being those of disabled folks.

I asked the town, as well as the Payson Police Department, to help us with these serious issues for over a year.

Nothing was done nor was there any interest shown by either entity.

So, out of frustration, I called Mayor Barbara Brewer and explained our problems and the dangerous situation for the children of the neighborhood and the local school that is close by.

Within a very short time, the issues were taken care of -- all of them. I might add that this is not a solicitation for the re-election of the mayor.

It just says how in touch the mayor is with the community.

Thank you, Mayor Brewer.

W. A. Jones, Payson

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