The Great Smear



It's very obvious who the perpetrators are that generated this disgusting smear against a good man of integrity and honesty, such as Mr. Bob Edwards. It's also obvious why this was done.

I am sure the other two candidates had no direct connection with this felonious smear.

It's apparent that this party (perpetrator) does not have the same agenda as Mr. Edwards, and some of the other candidates for the town council.

More than ever, we need the likes of Mr. Edwards and company to protect the good people of Payson against this nonsense from these perpetrators (outsiders) who are attempting to intervene in Payson's election for their own greedy agenda.

In the so-called "good ol' days," people were shot over water rights. Thank goodness this is not the "good ol' days!"

Mr. Edwards does not promote zero growth, as some others have said, only that growth needs to be coordinated to the available water supply now and in the future, and that honesty and integrity be restored to the town council.

Votes for Mr. Edwards, and the other candidates who feel the same way, are in order. Mr. Edwards did turn around a dysfunctional state organization in his home state, and he can do the same here with your vote. No other candidate has the qualifications that he has -- check them out.

Ed Welge, Payson

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