Vote For Change



Based on home builder Kevin Sokol's letter (Jan. 27) he doesn't like that two relative "newcomers" to Payson (Bob Edwards and myself) are running together, but he suggests supporting a team of three: Mayor (Barbara) Brewer, Councilmember (Robert) Henley and developer (Barbara) Underwood who, as a member of the planning and zoning commission, voted to approve G. Michael Horton's request for re-zoning west of Home Depot. As Dr. Phil would say about the past, "So how's it workin' for you?"

If the citizens like the direction of the present town council, they should follow Sokol's advice.

But I have encountered hundreds of citizens who want change. Many of them are long-time citizens. They want a "new" approach to citizen involvement. They want a "new" cooperation with our neighbors in Star Valley and the Forest Service. Those who want change don't care if we've been here three years, 10 years or more. Those who want change are thrilled to have candidates step up and challenge the business-as-usual group. They want their voices to be heard in "new" ways so that Payson town government will be "of the people, by the people and for the people." I will be that type of councilor, representing all the citizens of Payson.

I'm confident that Bob Edwards will be the "new" mayor and I will be one of the "new" council members. To bring our suggestions to three, citizens can vote for Rick Croy (who advocated the two new senior citizen apartment buildings) as another of the "new" council members.

I don't think I would endorse another council candidate.

Ed Blair, Payson

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