Writers Have Facts Wrong



Al Poskanzer stated in his letter of Feb. 3 that the town council is giving Mr. Horton $750,000 for the building of the pipeline. This is a blatant misstatement of fact. The $750,000 payment is not to Mr. Horton or his company, but it is a 7-year payment stream to the original owner of the 530 gpm well located on private property in Star Valley. The town's payment is for the 130 gpm water that Mr. Horton did not purchase. The payments would not start until the water is flowing into the Payson water department infrastructure and that water will not be used for new developments.

Also the author stated, "On the Event Center, (Robert) Henley moved to grant staff the authority to facilitate a deal that does not pencil out and is not in the town's best interests."

My motion was to facilitate any deal that makes financial sense. We do not know if the HSG "deal" is viable or not, because there is not a completed proposal to evaluate. The 5 points in the motion should be done now to protect our interests and ensure they are in place in case state law changes.

In another letter, Mr. John G. Wakelin stated, "Tell me, where is the new water coming from with respect to the 9.6-acre hillside?"

It will not come from the town. If the town sells that land, the owner will have to provide a new source of water to the town in order to develop the parcel. I support this approach regardless of who buys the property.

Further, the author of the letter stated, "With all due respect, Mr. Henley, you indicated that you were proud of your individual accomplishments during your four-year term on the council. I have one question, based on the above. Where is the water?"

I am very proud of my record while serving on the council. I haven't been able to accomplish all that I had hoped for, but I have, along with the majority of the council, instituted water conservation measures and provided incentives to home and business owners to facilitate the installation of water conserving fixtures. I also have advocated establishing "triggers" to institute actions if our water usage exceeds safe yield.

The town is utilizing less water per capita than before and we have seen good progress on getting our 3,000 acre-feet of water annually from Blue Ridge Reservoir into our water system.

There is much more work to be done and I want to continue with those efforts. That is why I am running for re-election to the Payson Town Council.

Robert Henley, Payson Councilor

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