Be Grateful To Those Who Faced The Fire


As we look to the north, a wall of smoke from the February Fire casts an eerie shadow on the Mogollon Rim. At night, it projects a distant glow on the horizon. The smell of smoke fills the air in the morning, but still the fire seems far away, easily forgotten when our backs are turned to the north.

We are able to feel that distance without fear because there are those who will not turn their backs on the fire.

Many of us have seen them coming into town in the evening, soldiers in the firefight. They are covered in dirt and soot and look exhausted.

The sight reminds us to be thankful for the more than 500 firefighters who have come from near and far to defend our homes and our lives from this fire.

At night they return to their camps, knowing they will wake the next morning and face the blaze again.

We would like to thank all the firefighters who have been hard at work battling the February Fire.

Your sacrifice of time and energy remind us in this time of political saber rattling that none of the posturing really matters when our families and our homes are threatened.

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