Endorsement For Croy



This is a letter of support for Rick Croy, a superior candidate for our town council.

Consistently and unconditionally, Rick has demonstrated his willingness to respond to the need of people who may not be so blessed -- even to the point of needing their next meal, a place to stay the night or just a "sounding board."

One of Rick's strongest suits is empathy. He has the ability to see the situation, the needs, the circumstances through the other person's eyes. This quality will serve him, and all of us, well as he conducts himself, not as an adversary, but an advocate and team builder in all matters which will contribute to community betterment. Issues such as water management, infrastructure funding, identity and image, fiscal discipline, leadership and accountability are familiar to Rick. You may count on him to devote the time and effort needed to exceed your expectations.

We are fortunate to have Rick Croy's commitment, and I am proud to endorse his candidacy.

Dick Reese, Payson

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