Money, Greed Driving Growth



Some people have gone mad. Why is there suddenly a movement to smear Bob Edwards?

Unfortunately, it is all about money, greed, and yes, water. Looking at all three mayoral candidates, I see major differences among them.

Bob Edwards is running because he sees a variety of major flaws in the town government. I feel that he is the answer to these flaws.

We also have a candidate who is closely tied to the development community. I think this is bad timing in light of the current situation.

Last, but not least, we have the present mayor wanting to be re-elected. I think she means well. However, she has proved to be lacking in leadership skills. She was quoted as saying, regarding Star Valley water, "We're not interested if it impacts anybody and they can't be satisfied." (Payson Roundup, Jan. 7, 2006) She went on to say the "letter of assurance" given to G. Michael Horton requires the developer to prove that the wells do not impact other wells in Star Valley, which sounded pretty good when she said it.

Unfortunately, she says one thing and does another. In December of last year, she had the opportunity to learn first-hand how taking water from Star Valley would impact the area negatively. There was a meeting scheduled for Dec. 27, at L.F.R. (hydrology firm working for Diamond Star) in Scottsdale for the mayor, a couple of council members and the town hydrologist. The meeting involved a question and answer session, along with a PowerPoint presentation.

Unfortunately for all of us, Brewer declined to attend. It is a minority that thinks taking water from Star Valley is good. They just don't get it. They are not anti-growth. They need this water for the residents who are currently sustaining their lives from it. Payson can't even supply its residents with unrestricted water use with its present population and supply. What happened to common sense? I can't imagine what these people are thinking. This kind of growth is driven by money and greed, for the good of a few, at the expense of many.

Get to work on Blue Ridge, then grow smart. If you like things as they are, then vote for who put us there.

If you want this corrected, which this town really needs, then vote for Bob Edwards. He has the leadership skills and will power needed to straighten out this mess before it's too late for all of us.

Shirley and Bob Colin, Payson

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