New Airport Road Changed Views



I read the recent article in the Roundup encouraging drivers to check out the newly designed Airport Road, which stated that the views had remained the same. As a resident of NW Payson for nearly 11 years, I travel Airport Road regularly -- it being one of two main arteries in and out of town.

Although the ride is smoother now, I'm here to say the views have definitely changed. I love our trees in Payson, but now I can't see beyond them to where the mountains touch the sky.

I used to look forward to the drive home from work, seeing the sun set against the Mazatzals. And though once my eyes could travel the waves of the Mogollon range against the blue and grayish hues of the horizon, I now see storage buildings and water tanks.

I miss my Airport Road views.

Donna Steckal, Payson

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