A Vote For Positive Campaigns



Two wrongs don't make a right.

Let me get this straight. If I wish to use parts of information (Town Budget) in a political ad, or position paper, to try and get elected, or use parts of information from a newspaper in another state to put a candidate in a negative position, that is OK.

But if I, as a candidate, stated in my qualifications that I had personal experience as an elected member somewhere other than Payson, and that record is posted, then that is a smear campaign. Give me a break. Either of these methods is wrong.

While I give no prudence to the packet sent to the newspapers and radio station, the news media decided to use it for whatever reason, while they determined it had no credence. Notice, that except being brought up by the accused candidate, the packet issue has gone away. In my opinion, the media should have checked it out and let it die. Even mentioning the other candidates' names in that story was disingenuous. Voters in Payson are smarter than the media gives us credit.

What would have been a greater service to the voters by this newspaper, and others, would be to challenge the blatant misinformation given out as fact by any of the candidates or any of the other media. In some minor cases that was done, but not enough. The Roundup at least allows "Letters to the Editor like this one." (Thank you.) One radio station has a forum so citizens can call in. In my opinion when you get information for free but have no avenue to challenge it, then the information is probably worth what you paid for it.

I hope the way to get elected to a position in Payson is to serve the community in a volunteer position first, study the way the government works, and laws it works under, provide positive input to those who have already stepped up to the plate to serve, and get to know the people you wish to govern. Any other way is a short cut and not due support.

I believe Jon Barber meets all these qualifications and has kept his campaign positive. He has worked for and deserves your vote as mayor.

James Garner, Payson

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