Bass Fishing At Roosevelt Heats Up Winter Months



Do you remember the rains of last year and the high elevation snowstorms that were a weekly event above 7,000 feet? That moisture did a remarkable job filling up the Salt River chain of lakes and especially Roosevelt. The new high water mark created a perfect spawn situation, and an abundance of new cover, which aided in fish survival.

The dividends are now starting to show at Roosevelt with a healthy bass and crappie population. The word is out that fishing is really starting to pick up as the warm pre-spring temperatures are inching upward. Many locals have been catching lots of bass using a variety of techniques.

If you go, take a spinning rod and practice your dropshotting with Robo worms in a variety of colors. Some of the more popular colors are Oxblood Red Flake, Aaron's Magic, New Ayu or the Folkstead Special, but other colors are also working well.

If casting is a little more your style, try a lipless crankbait that will not dive so dramatically. This will enable you to fish the heavier submerged brush and yet not be constantly hung up.

With crankbaits you ought to have in your tackle box are a "Rat L Trap" or Lucky Craft in the LV series. Popular and effective colors are ghost minnow, chartreuse shad, American shad or sun perch.

The spinner bait bite is improving daily on the Tonto arm of Roosevelt. The color selection that seems to be most effective is chartreuse or white and also a combination of those colors. Casting the shoreline and submerged brush piles is your best bet with a rather deliberate retrieve.

The excellent bass fishing at Roosevelt is no secret. Unexpectedly, coach Dennis Green of the Arizona Cardinals, stopped by last week and had an excellent morning bite using crankbaits on this side of the lake.

That same week, Arizona kicker Neal Rackers spent a morning on the lake with local pro Mark Kile. He received a lesson in dropshotting, which helped him to catch and release more than 20 bass in a couple hours of fishing.

Much to my surprise, on Saturday afternoon I was at The Tackle Box and heard a very familiar voice and looked up to realize it was Al Linder, the founder of In-Fishermen magazine and television show. If you are a fisherman, you will recognize that name from his years of fishing expertise he has shared with us on the air. Prior to fishing for three days, he went over a detailed map of the lake with Bill Kile, the store manager. Each day he would check back with a glowing report and stated that it seems to be getting better with each warm afternoon. As he left to do a show in California for Shimano and Berkley, he said he would be back next week for three more days of excellent bass fishing. The word is definitely out among fishermen of Arizona, as well as the United States, Roosevelt Lake very likely will become the best bass lake in the West for the next three years.

This weekend, enjoy God's creation and take someone fishing.

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