Book Offers Picture Of City And Town Successes



I read this morning the summary of the candidate's debate in the Roundup. Wanting a change is not enough. Even working for a change is not beneficial if the effort produces no results. Those groups who want changes would do well to look for successful changes elsewhere and enlighten the public of them.

There are many good books on how government can serve the people and not special interest. One that comes to mind is "Better not Bigger" by Eben Fodor, that is in your local library. It is a comparison of the results between cities and towns that spent tax dollars to entice new business into town, and those who spent it on improving their town for the citizens.

I would urge all winners in this upcoming election to read the book. It is not a large book but does make one realize the value of taking care of the citizens as a whole. Build a better town and the world will beat a pathway to your door.

Dayton H. (Hoby) Herron, Bend, Ore.

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