Edwards Needs To Learn The Facts



Wrong, wrong, wrong. Candidate for mayor Bob Edwards recently stated on KMOG that the town was paying Mr. Horton $750,000 for the water from a well in Star Valley. He was corrected by Councilwoman Judy Buettner, that the town was paying the money to the owners of the well. It is also a fact that the payments will be spread over seven years, at no interest, and the payments will not begin until the water begins to flow into the Payson system.

Mr. Edwards has also stated the Town is over $7,000,000 in the red.

Not true, according to Town C.F.O. Glen Smith.

Edwards also claims the Town must stop fighting with the Tonto Apache Tribe. Not true. The Town has an excellent relationship with the tribe.

He claims the Town has spent $500,000 on Main Street. Not true. The only money spent from the general fund was for salaries of the Main Street director and a part-time secretary.

He maintains that the town has excessive growth. Not true. The town growth has consistently been at 2.5 to 3 percent, which is consistent with statewide growth rates.

He claims we are becoming another Prescott Valley. That is a real stretch, Mr. Edwards.

Edwards has made many distorted and incorrect assertions to discredit Mayor Brewer, the town council, and the town staff, such as, "They make decisions behind closed doors without the knowledge of the citizens of Payson." This would violate the open meeting laws. He cannot substantiate this claim, because it is simply not true.

Now Mr. Edwards is being questioned about some of his own activities of the past, and he claims that it is a "smear campaign." He has been conducting a "smear campaign" against anyone connected with the Town of Payson since he began his campaign in January. Now, he wants to change his tactics, crying foul when he is criticized.

It is my opinion that Bob Edwards is a one-issue candidate, and he is a closet NIMBY, "Not in my back yard," because a developer wants to build in his neighborhood. Let's talk about facts, Mr. Edwards, facts about Payson, and facts about you.

Gordon Metcalf, Payson

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