February Fire Should Be A Wake-Up Call For Everyone



At Monday night's Fire Board meeting Karen Thorton of the Firebelles awarded Ryan Sundra with a check for $1,200. The Firebelles had money to be used to fund Fire Science courses taken by local young people. Ryan Sundra completed two semesters of Fire Science coursework with an impressive academic record in all his classes. It was extremely gratifying for the Firebelles to present this award, and wish Ryan the best success in his future endeavors. Many residents of the District have watched Ryan grow up and we are all very proud of this young man, as were his parents, Steve and Shelly Sundra who are also very active in the Fire Department.

Fire danger

The February Fire is fully contained, but that does not mean we are out of danger. With no moisture we are in extreme fire danger.

The Energy Release Component for Pleasant Valley shows we are really in bad shape this early in the year. The ERC will effectively equate to the "extreme" fire danger adjective rating very soon. Everyone needs to realize that we are in a very dangerous fire season already.

Please, no burning at any time. This is a very serious situation. Please be forewarned that these fire conditions are already worse than 2002 when the Rodeo Chediski fire merged to burn 462,614 acres, consume 426 structures, affect thousands of lives and incur fire suppression costs of approximately $153 million -- all due to two humans with fire in hand during extreme fire danger.

The February Fire should be a wake-up call to everyone. Chief Ray Larsen would like everyone to start preparing your properties for a serious fire season by removing fuels (brush, needles, trees) around your homes. Firefighters will be very busy during a fire and will have very little time to "prep" structures when the next large wildland fire erupts. Your readiness will make all the difference.

New board member

The Christopher/Kohl's Fire Board elected a new board member at Monday night's board meeting. They welcomed Cline Prebel to the Board and feel confident that he will do a good job for the District. Mr. Prebel resides at Tonto Creek Estates.

Can you believe it is the middle of February and we have had no winter at all? This is crazy and we all need to be ready if we don't get any moisture. Please do your part in cleaning up.

Pajama Party

Ladies don't forget the Annual Pajama Party is coming up on Friday, Feb. 24. Meet at Karen Thorton's home with your favorite appetizer to share. Those of you, who have never attended the Ladies Pajama Party just show up in your favorite PJ's and slippers, bring along munchies and have fun with the Ladies. Everyone is welcome to attend. Karen lives on Columbine Lane, the second house from the car wash.

Melodrama practice

Practice continues for the melodrama in June, and I am getting worried about my part. Some of these people are really good. Take for instance, Dan Hill, who I think was born an actor. Wow is he good.

And then there is Richard Haddad. He not only has his part down, he is doing it with a Russian accent. Give me a break, I am having a problem doing mine in plain English, and then there is Marsha Ward who sings like an Angel. Can you believe Wanda West Palmer has me singing a song? We will have to wait and see if she changes her mind. Stay tuned for further developments.

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