Hunting Geese In Town Legal, Not Ethical



I am writing this letter in response to your Jan. 24, 2006 editorial "Hunting in the parks or near schools must be stopped."

I think I was as upset as anyone who may have read the related article about the goose that was shot in the neck by a so-called "hunter." In my opinion, the person who shot the goose using a field point is certainly no responsible hunter. My definition of a hunter is one who lives by a hunter's code of ethics as taught in the Arizona Hunter Education Program.

Shooting a goose in Green Valley Park or even on the golf course may be legal, but is definitely not ethical. I personally have walked to within five yards of these wild geese. They have become so accustomed to people that they are generally unafraid of humans. To shoot one, even with a bow and arrow, would certainly violate what we hunters call "fair chase." We as hunters must do everything we can to police ourselves and eliminate this kind of "hunting."

But, I have to take exception with parts of the editorial mentioned above. For example, "We urge the town council to make such an ordinance a priority. Make it illegal to use any kind of weapon in a public park, school or near populated areas, except in the event of endangerment -- such as with an animal that might be rabid."

If such an ordinance were passed, this would eliminate the archery in the schools program, scouting activities using archery equipment and other worthwhile activities.

Milo Durfee, Payson

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