Questions About Blue Ridge



I attended the mayoral debate, plus I have read a lot about the Blue Ridge water situation.

I have been led to believe that Payson officials have been working aggressively with the Forest Service to bring this about. This was alluded to by Robert Henley and Barbara Brewer at the debate.

I was really, really surprised when I read in Friday's Roundup in the "What's Up" section, that according to Ed Armenta, "We have not received a formal application, or any sort of formal correspondence, from the Town of Payson regarding Blue Ridge."

I would like to know, what are the town's leaders waiting for?

I also had wondered, after hearing costs of $21 to 23 million to run a pipeline from Washington Park to Payson, why not, as Armenta suggested, dump the water into the East Verde River and retrieve it downstream?

We need answers to these questions. Letters to the editor allow us to vent, but I never see any action taken because of them.

Maybe a push from the Roundup could get this project moving, from 10 years to one.

Ted Paulk, Payson

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