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Re: ELL standoff in the state Legislature

Why is there not front page coverage of the ELL standoff in the state Legislature? And why is it not stated how much the federal fines are for not getting our house in order?

(Sen. Jake) Flake (in more ways than one) has squandered too much of this great state's money without suffering consequences, from alternative fuel, to office furniture and now this.

Someone needs to step up to the plate here and feed us the truth.

Re: Web site fire coverage

We just wanted to thank you for your excellent coverage of the fire. ... Your Web site has provided much better and much more up-to-date information than we have been able to obtain anywhere else. We live in Whispering Pines, so we have been extremely concerned about the progress of the fire crews, and really appreciate that we do not have to keep calling the Forest Service for information, because we can just check the Roundup Web site for current conditions.

Re: Flatlanders

Regarding the recent poll of what to do about the February Fire, and the person(s) who communicated about sending all "flatlanders" back home: My communication to you (and your kind) is to be happy for the "flatlanders" for without us, Payson would not have the vibrant restaurants, housing and other economic advantages we bring.

Further, the best possible scenario regarding issues associated with the fire(s) is education and penalties for the idiots who start them.

Hey, Bubba, don't let me catch you tossing your butt "out the window" or I'll be commentating myself.

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