So-Called Fair Critic



I have always been a great admirer of that other newspaper in town, which states, "The truth will set you free." After reading the other paper's critique of the various candidates for mayor and council, I wonder where the truth begins and ends.

Excerpts from this critic: The publisher's only concern about Jon Barber is "that he is also a pilot and may have conflicts on airport issues." That is about as dumb as saying, "I am a Ford owner and I might have a conflict about a Toyota dealership which is seeking a permit to establish in Payson," if I were running for a town office.

I did not observe any mention about the mayor owning a beauty shop, nor Ms. Underwood, et al, developing malls and small housing tracts.

Nothing like being open-minded and, should we say, fair about all this. Apparently, this publisher is for electing and re-electing those particular candidates who would, and those who have already made a real mess of our town's problems. I assume he wants a status quo on the desire to upgrade our council.

I see all this as just a big, fat smear against some of Payson's finest candidates. This smear has even extended to Mr. Reese, who chose not to run for re-election and supports Mr. Edwards. Apparently, it was wrong to back Mr. Edwards, and to expose the council and its mayor for what they really are -- incompetent.

I consider Mr. Edwards' time in the Michigan Legislature, and his record, as excellent. He is really the only one who has any big government experience, as well as big business exposure. His voting record is just that of a good conservative who cuts needless expense and fat from state government. We sure need some of the same in Payson.

Common sense is lacking in this so-called fair critic. However, a strong bias raises its ugly head in their critique. I can't believe I have ever seen such nit-picking in a newspaper, except in the New York Times. This paper should practice what it preaches, "The truth will set you free." I must congratulate the Payson Roundup for its excellent critique on the electoral candidates. Well done.

Ed Welge, Payson

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